Case Studies

Objective: Maximize Value of State Contract

A leading technology and services company was awarded a statewide contract to provide a range of equipment and integrated services to public agencies in Massachusetts. The qualification and vetting process for the contract was significant, given the complex nature of the products and services involved, so only a handful of firms were ultimately awarded the contract. After the award, however, this company saw only modest activity from public agencies, well below initial expectations.

Cohen Partners was retained to help this company realize more opportunities through the statewide contract. We developed a targeted program to identify high-value opportunities within departments of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as independent authorities and municipalities. Cohen Partners conducted initial outreach with decision makers in these agencies and served as the program liaison for this company.

Results: Our client has significantly grown its sales volume with public agencies in Massachusetts.

Objective: Promote Life Sciences Research and Technology Development

A prestigious private university with an international reputation for engineering and technology programs made a strategic decision in the early 2000s to dramatically expand its academic and research activities in the life sciences. This was a natural progression for the university, given the growing synergies among biomedical, engineering and technology development programs. Cohen Partners was retained by the university to develop a sustained media relations and communications program to highlight the university's work in the life sciences. This multi-year program has included traditional PR tools of media/news releases, submitted articles and event promotion, as well as video production, web content management and leadership speeches.

Results: This university has achieved extensive media coverage of its life sciences programs, research achievements, and technology spin-offs. Its life sciences research funding has grown, it has recruited more than a dozen life science faculty members in the past five years, and its biomedical engineering major is now the second largest undergraduate program on campus.

Objective: Compete for Development Opportunity

A multi-billion dollar real estate development and management firm based outside of New England had been growing its portfolio of private holdings in Massachusetts for several years. When a major public sector development opportunity arose, this company engaged Cohen Partners to advise it on the nuances of the public sector processes in Massachusetts, and to provide the firm's regional leadership with business intelligence and operational awareness about the development opportunity.

Our client ultimately decided to compete for the opportunity and respond to a public Request for Proposals to acquire and develop the property in question. Cohen Partners worked with a multi-disciplinary team to help our client prepare a compelling project proposal.

Results: Our client was selected as one of three finalists for the award.

In Full View

Growing Green

Cohen Partners manages a multimedia communications program promoting sustainability at UMass Medical School.

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A Building Story

From the ground breaking to ribbon cutting, Cohen Partners managed the communications for this $400 million construction program.

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JetBlue to Worcester

Using traditional and social media, Cohen Partners promoted a grassroots effort to attract JetBlue to Worcester.

Launching a video contest:

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